The joy of books!

The joy of books is that they can take you to places you could never visit. Juniper visited the book fair and discovered some books that could take them to new worlds. Do pop in and choose a book with your child to read.


Super tasters don’t wear capes

Today Juniper finished off the term by joining in with the BBC Terrific Science project to find out about how many children are super tasters, tasters and non tasters. We used blue food dye to help us count the pink bumps, which are fungiform papillae. We found out that children are,on average, more likely to be a super taster than than the general population. We think that this is why we don’t like bitter flavours as much. We also think that the number of fungiform papillae might get less as we get older. This would be a cool experiment to try to see if the number of taste buds change as we get older.

Class Assembly

Juniper Class were very excited about our class assembly on Friday. We started our assembly by singing one of our favourite songs about Friendship. It reminds us how important it is to be a good friend to others. We then shared our New Barn Memories – we were proud that each one of us were brave enough to speak in front of the adults who came along to see us. The parents enjoyed looking at our New Barn work and our pottery. It was a great celebration of our time in year 5 so far.